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As the 2016 fall hunting season approaches, there are total of 96 fish and wildlife officers in the field covering the entire province of Alberta.

The primary duties of Alberta fish and wildlife officers are to conduct compliance checks, investigate violations, enforce legislation relating to the management of wildlife, fisheries, and public lands, and respond to problem wildlife control situations.

While the Alberta population continues to grow, and thousands of kilometres of new roads into previously inaccessible areas increase exponentially, the number of fish and wildlife officers in Alberta has declined from 118 officers in 1990 to today’s level of 96.

There are 44,269 Albertans for every fish and wildlife officer in the field today!

The tables below show the number of fish and wildlife officers stationed at each fish and wildlife district office since 1990.
These numbers do not include managers, headquarters staff, officers on longterm disability, or officers assigned to special units.

This fall, do your part, and please call the Report A Poacher number (1-800-642-3800) when you observe a violation of legislation that protects our natural resource.

Don’t become discouraged and stop calling if the response is less then you hoped, because our natural resources need your support!

We are doing our best with the very limited resources available. Alberta’s fish and wildlife officers, a very thin green line indeed!

Author: Quentin Isley.
Quentin is a member of
the Alberta Game Warden Association.

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